America On Tap Beer Festival Is Coming to Colorado!

America On Tap Fort Collins

One of the premier beer festival producers in the nation, America On Tap, has decided to bring their crew to Fort Collins, CO to have a little bit of fun, and beer of course!

Be lovers, experts, connoisseurs, beginners, and everyone in between, will gather in Washington Park on Saturday, May 2nd. From 2PM to 5PM America On Tap will showcase over 100 different beers from all over the place. Attendees will be able to experience some of America’s finest craft beers from all over the nation, as well as a few specialty imports.

A few local breweries that you should be sure to try are AC Golden, Batch 19, Breckenridge, Black Bottle Brewery, Blue Moon, Boulder Beer, New Belgium, Oskar Blues, Prost Brewing Company, and Tommy Knocker. Oh and don’t forget national favorites like Alaskan Brewing, Big Sky, Lagunitas, and Leinenkugel’s. Don’t be shy, branch out and try something that you don’t often see on tap or on store shelves!

Those in attendance will also have the pleasure of taking in live music while sipping away on their tasty beer samples. Don’t worry, you might be thinking that all this beer and dancing to music might make you a bit hungry… They’ll have you covered with some of your favorite local food vendors on site as well.

So kick back, relax, take in the live music while you taste a few beers that you might not get to have all the time, and enjoy the first Saturday in May!

Event details:

  • What: America On Tap Festival
  • When: Saturday, May 2nd 2015
  • Where: Washington Park, 301 Maple Street, Fort Collins, CO 80521
  • How much: $35 ticket includes ~ 3 hours of beer sampling, souvenir sampling glass, and live entertainment

To find out more visit America On Tap!

Darker days ahead, beers too

As clocks turn back and nightfall comes earlier in the day, the cooler weather moves in for the winter and so do the dark stouts that many have been waiting for.

Recognized by many bars, breweries, and beer lovers, November 6th is International Stout Day.  A full day dedicated to welcoming the many long lost stouts that have been missing since the spring.  Known for their dark, sometimes pitch black color, and their rich chocolaty, coffee, licorice, and roasty aromas and flavors, stouts begin to fill store shelves and continuously pour from beer taps until the warmer months begin to show their faces again.

Stout Image

Just like any other style of beer, there are a variety of stouts, the most popular of which are American, Milk, Imperial, and Oatmeal.  You’ll find lots of malt character in these, stemming from the grain used in the brewing process.  The bitterness that is often associated with these robust beers comes from the use of roasted grains, which also helps give them their dark color.

Head out to your local bar or liquor store and see what they’ve brought in for the season.  Breweries are getting crafty and adding all sorts of things to their stouts, including chocolate, cocoa nibs, coffee, hazelnut, pumpkin, and even cereal.  Try a variety to find out which style is your favorite, or maybe they are all your favorites…


You’ve got five or so months to get your fill of these seasonal crafts so seek out your favorites and enjoy them while they last, or stash some away for those times you’re craving something with bold, roasty flavors, in your glass.

Here is a list to get you started:

  • Alaskan – Stout
  • Big Sky Brewing – Slow Elk Oatmeal Stout, Ivan the Terrible (Imperial)
  • Black Bottle Brewery – Cerealiously (Milk Stout w/ Count Chocula), Liquid Metal (Imperial Rye Stout), and Static Age (Hazelnut Breakfast Stout)
  • Lagunitas – Imperial Stout, and Cappuccino Stout
  • Moab Brewery – Black Raven Oatmeal Stout
  • New Belgium – Salted Belgian Chocolate Stout
  • Oskar Blues – Ten Fidy (Imperial Stout)
  • Sierra Nevada – Narwhal Imperial Stout, and Stout
  • Tommy Knocker – Black Powder Oatmeal Stout (Pub exclusive)