An Epic Beer Festival Hits Colorado

For the first time ever Denver, Colo. will be graced with the Epic Beer Festival on June 28th and 29th!

If you missed out on last weekend’s Colorado Brewers’ Festival, you can make it up to yourself by attending the Epic Beer Festival.  In its inaugural year in Denver, the Epic Beer Festival will feature 120 different craft breweries from all over the United States and plus many International breweries as well.

Local favorites like AC Golden Brewery, Boulder Brewing Co, New Belgium and Oskar Blues Brewing Co. will be in attendance. Other national favorites such as, Alaskan Brewing Co, Anchor Brewing Co, Big Sky Brewing, Flying Dog Brewing Co and Lagunitas Brewing Co, will also be sharing their craft brews.  You’ll find plenty of stouts, porters, IPAs, reds, wheats, pilsners, gluten free beers and many more styles, so be sure to branch out and try something you’ve never had.  Slated to serve upwards of 350 different crafts brews you’re bound to find at least one new favorite, if not more!

This festival will have three different tasting sessions, one on Friday the 28th and two on Saturday the 29th, and will take place at the Colorado Convention Center.  Friday’s session will start at 7pm and end at 10pm, and Saturday’s first session will take place from 1pm-4pm and the second from 7pm-10pm.  Purchase of a $40 general admission ticket will gain you entrance to the festival, an Epic Beer Festival tasting cup and 2oz tasting pours of all festival beers.  Be sure to grab a bite to eat before hand as there will be only be concession food available for attending patrons.

Are you a designated driver?  Well there’s good news for you, Epic Beer Festival has a Designated Driver program that gets you all the fun and souvenirs at the festival for FREE!  All you have to do is purchase a regular General Admission ticket, show up, have fun without drinking alcohol and then stop by the Designated Driver station on your way out to take a breathalyzer.  Blow .00 and your ticket cost will be refunded in FULL!   Otherwise, you have obviously consumed alcohol and will NOT be refunded your ticket cost.

Best of all the Epic Beer Festival benefits We Don’t Waste, a nonprofit based in Colorado that provides food for the hungry.  The program collects leftover food from various food purveyors, restaurants, and events, and then distributes the unused foods to those in need.  So purchase a ticket and help feed the hungry!

Purchase tickets and find more information at the link below!  As always, please remember to drinking responsibly and designate a driver.

Thanksgiving Beer Recommendations

With Thanksgiving upon us, we have those who have helped us in our hearts and turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie on our mind. Or maybe that’s just us! Many will spend the day with family and close friends, enjoying football, cheese balls, turkey, green bean casserole, pie and, of course, a good beer to wash it all down. That being said, you should put some thought into the beer selection you make.

There are a few things to take into consideration when picking out your beverage for the day, keeping in mind when you’ll be having it and what you will be eating. Your favorite beer might be a stout, but drinking something dark and heavy early in the day will fill you up quickly, leaving no room for all the fixins’ you thought about for the last week. Instead, stick with something light, like a lager or pilsner, until it’s time to enjoy your big meal.

When choosing a beer to have with dinner, you can go in a variety of directions. Sticking with the light beer you’ve already been drinking will allow you to taste all the flavors that are on your plate. Another option is a darker, malty beer that will allow the flavors to complement one another. If you are skipping the bird and having ham instead, it’s suggested that you pair it with a wheat beer, or “Weizen” as the Germans call it. And if you’re thinking about picking up an IPA, DON’T. The extra hops can take away all the rich flavors you’re expecting to have in the perfect bite you have on your fork.

After dinner is over and you’re ready for dessert, bring out those dark, heavy beers that you enjoy so much. The sweet, spiced or fruity beers pair perfectly with many of the desserts you may find on the table. A chocolate stout or a sour beer might bring out a few extra flavors in the pie mom made! Or maybe this year that pumpkin ale you’ve been dying to try will take the place of that piece of pie that you always have!

And if you are lucky enough to be able to enjoy the day without stepping foot in the kitchen, you should be extra thankful!

Lagers/Pilsners: Coors Brewing “Coors Banquet”, Bards Brewing “Bards (gluten free)”, or Flying Dog Brewery “UnderDog Atlantic Lager”

Ales: Big Sky Brewing “Moose Drool Brown Ale”, or Anchor Brewing “Brekle’s Brown”

Wheat/Weizen: New Belgium Brewing “Sunshine Wheat”, or Boulder Beer “Sweaty Betty Blonde”

Stouts: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. “Stout”, Lagunitas Brewing Company “Cappuccino Stout”, or Alaskan Brewing Company “Stout (oatmeal)”

Pumpkin Ale: Coors Brewing “Blue Moon Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale”, or Tommyknocker “Small Patch Pumpkin Harvest Ale”