Zquila’s Bold Flavors Join Downtown

Picking a place to eat downtown just got that much harder.

Zquila Mexican Restaurant has now joined in the mix, giving us one more place to add to the list when deciding where to grab a burrito and a beer.  Lucky for us, we got an invite to check out the new digs before the official grand opening!  Zquila held two days of soft openings with a lunch and dinner session during each of the two days.  Each patron that was lucky enough to get an invite was able to order an entrée and soft drink of their choice on the house tab.  Clearly this was not an opportunity that we were going to pass up!

So a few of us stopped in for an early dinner on Tuesday to see what it was all about.  It was clear from the moment we walked in that they had paid attention to every detail, even the interior was amazing; we were in for a real treat.  After being greeted immediately by a more than pleasant staff, we sat down at our table and opened the menus.  Let’s just say that with 20 margaritas, over 40 tequilas and a wide variety of domestic and import beers it took us a minute (or two) to make our selection.  With drink decisions out of the way we turned our attention to the food menu which offers everything from enchiladas and tacos, to the Burrito Mignon and Zquila Caps (two choices we’d highly recommend!).

After four hours of great drinks, food packed with bold flavors, awesome service, and a lot of stories and laughter we called it a night.  It has already been decided that we’ll be making another visit soon, even if it’s just for their awesome early or late happy hour specials.  We’d highly recommend you check it out for yourself; they officially opened their doors for business today!

Big thanks to Zquila for the opportunity to check out the new place.  Welcome to the fun of Downtown Fort Collins!

Colorado Pulls Together During Fires

We just wanted to take our last post a step further to reiterate the promotion that Colorado Native Lager did on Facebook.

The verbiage on the post read:

“Show your support for Coloradans by ‘Liking’ and Sharing this photo! We’ll donate $1 for every ‘like’ (up to $10,000) to the Mile High Red Cross. Colorado Native Lager supports our friends, families and communities that have been impacted by these blazes AND the men and women risking their lives to fight the fires. Be Colorado Proud, click ‘LIKE’ and pass it on! Thanks ALL!”

Needless to say, they very much passed their goal. The photo is currently still up and has 1,697 “shares” with 23,791 “likes” and 117 comments on the post itself.

Here is the famous photo:

You can still share the photo from the NoCo Nightlife Facebook page.