It’s American Craft Beer Week, find your favorite craft


In case craft beer happens to escape your mind during any other week of the year, American Craft Beer Week is here to remind you to enjoy one of the thousands of craft beers created throughout the year.

Celebrated May 11th through May 17th of this year, American Craft Beer Week celebrates all the hard work and endless hours that American craft breweries and their staff put in each and every year. As the ever-growing popularity of craft beer continues to rise, the industry sees new breweries and brewpubs pop up all over in what seems like the blink of an eye. Many of these spots open up after months or years of planning, and days filled with sweat, heart, soul, and a good beer every now and then.

That being said, it’s time to pay our respects to those who work so hard to create these craft beers for our enjoyment. Show your support and visit your favorite brewery, brewpub, liquor store, restaurant, bar, or venue, and get yourself a special craft in your glass (or 6-pack). Branch out, try something new, be it brewery or style, you’ll never know if you like it if you don’t try it.

Breweries and places that serve up craft beers will be catering to craft beer lovers throughout the week, hosting events, special tapping’s, and beer dinners and pairings. Now is the time to check your favorite craft beer watering holes event calendars, you’ll find lots of great things available for you to try. Get out there and enjoy some rare creations!

And to those who work in the craft beer industry, thank you. Your hard work is greatly appreciated. Cheers to you!

Beer and Good Times, it’s Colorado Craft Beer Week

Colorado CraftBeer Week-2

Join craft brewers and craft beer lovers all across the state as they celebrate Colorado Craft Beer Week with special beer releases and events between March 21st and March 29th.

Many local breweries have a little something special planned throughout the week, with everything from beer releases, collaborations, live music, beer pairings, and much more. Some might even be cracking in to their cellars to bring out some of their delicious goodness that’s been stored away for quite some time. So pay your favorite local craft brewery a visit and enjoy their hard work!

If you can’t make it to a brewery, don’t worry. You’ll find plenty of events all over Colorado, at liquor stores, restaurants, and bars that will have your craft beer palette entertained. Shelves will see new and old favorites, tap lines filled with special collaborations or a brewery’s rare barrel series, and restaurants and cheese shops will have choices perfectly paired with beers.

Don’t be shy to try something new, our taste buds often change and what once was “not your favorite style” could now be your “thing”. Be it kolsch, brown, porter, IPA, barley wine, Lambic, or bourbon barrel aged stout, try as many as you can to find your new go to.

Enjoy Colorado Craft Beer Week and support your local craft breweries!

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Colorado Craft Beer Week is here!

CO-Craft-Beer-Week-2014-480x276Join in the nine day celebration with Colorado breweries, restaurants, and pubs, March 21st through March 29th!

There will be events all over Colorado celebrating craft beer and its booming industry for nine whole days.  The events will showcase brewers, educate the public, and of course, showoff the amazing talents and creations of Colorado’s brewing world.

One of the biggest events that will kick off CCBW is the Collaboration Festival on March 22nd from 3pm to 7pm at the Curtis Hotel in downtown Denver.  Join hundreds of people and enjoy special collaboration beers from breweries all over.  The event will showcase over 35 different collaborations during the four hour festival.  Oskar Blues has teamed up with at least three other breweries to create three different beers, and both Black Bottle Brewery and New Belgium have teamed up with other breweries to create some amazing collaborations.  Some of the collabs have over five different breweries involved, and the participation from out-of-state breweries is a first for Colorado Craft Beer Week.  Official Site.

Black Bottle will also be attending the New Kids on the Block party that is going to be held at The Lobby (Denver) on Thursday, March 27th, pouring their Carlos (American Brown) and Social Insecurity (Belgian Session Ale).  This event features Colorado breweries that are less than two years old and has an 80’s theme to it.  Come wearing your best 80’s gear, as there will be a costume contest, and be ready to dance to hot 80’s jams all night while enjoying unlimited beer tastings and a beer themed buffet!  Official Site.

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Check with your local bars, breweries, and restaurants, to see if they have anything big planned for Colorado Craft Beer Week!

American Craft Beer Week is upon us!

This year from May 13th to May 19th craft brewers and craft beer lovers will be celebrating American Craft Beer Week!

Beginning in 2006, this event was created to celebrate the hard work that the craft breweries put in throughout the year.  With a mere 124 participating breweries in its inaugural year, this event now reigns supreme, and has over 2,400 large and small craft breweries involved in the celebration.  Breweries all over the nation take this opportunity to share their craft with fellow beer lovers, enlightening their curious followers with facts, details and of course beer.

Fort Collins breweries are no different, although they have come up with a new way to celebrate 2013’s event.  In years past they have come together as one to create a special beer for ACBW and distributed the beer at all of the breweries.  Well, this year they decided to split up into nine different teams, each team comprised of members from 3 different the breweries and allowing each brewery to create their very own Collusion Beer.  Teams started off with 90% of the same malts for each brew and the last 10% of malts, hops, spices, etc were all left up to the imagination of each individual team. In doing so nine very similar, yet very different, beers have been created for this year’s celebration and range from a crisp Kolsch style to a hoppy India Pale Ale.

Today, Monday the 13th, the brewers will converge at Black Bottle Brewery to kick off the week with a toast to their hard work and love of craft beer!  For this night, and this night ONLY, all nine beers will be on tap side by side.  After that, each brewery will only carry their own unique creation throughout the duration of American Craft Beer Week.  Don’t miss out on trying these one of kind craft brews!


High Country Beverage and Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Team Up with Tap n Handle for the Biggest Tap Takeover in Colorado

High Country Beverage, a locally-owned and operated beverage distributor, is teaming up with Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and Tap n Handle, a local beer bar and grill, for the biggest tap takeover at one location to ever hit Colorado.  The tap takeover, which is a celebration of Tap n Handle’s one year anniversary in Fort Collins, will kick off on Monday, April 1, 2013 at 5 p.m.

The tap takeover will consist of 56 different Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. beers, including three firkins, various barrel aged beers and extremely limited vintage beers and offerings that hardly ever leave the Sierra Nevada brewery in Chico, Calif.

“We are excited that Tap n Handle wanted to celebrate their anniversary with Sierra Nevada, a craft beer pioneer.  Fort Collins is a city that is passionate about craft beer, making this an event that many will be anticipating and talking about for some time,” said Matt Dravet of High Country Beverage.

Tap n Handle is a world class beer bar and grill with a knowledgeable staff that has a causal approach to service. Tap n Handle creates a unique environment for Fort Collins beer lovers, brewers, explorers and the occasional imbiber.

Located in Chico, Calif., Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is one of the top craft breweries currently operating in the United States. Founded in 1979, Sierra Nevada is one of the pioneers in craft brewing; its flagship Pale Ale is considered the standard for American/West Coast style Pale Ales.

High Country Beverage is an independent Colorado family owned and operated beer distributor known for product quality and outstanding customer service.  They proudly represent over 250 brands of the finest local, craft, domestic, and imported malt beverages from around the world.

Colorado Craft Beer Week March 18th to March 24th!

It’s not too late to partake in Colorado Craft Beer Week!  Join breweries and establishments all over Colorado this week as they celebrate Colorado breweries, their brewers and of course their amazingly crafted beers!

Take the time to stop by your local breweries this week and help them rejoice in all their hard work.  Many breweries will be hosting tapping parties with special and/or rare beers that they want to share with those who enjoy the taste of their many hours spent working in the brewery.  Some will be hosting tours and educational events, giving those new and seasoned craft beer lovers the chance to expand their knowledge of the industry and its craft.  You can find beer and food pairings at some local restaurants as well, allowing you to explore a wide variety of dishes perfectly paired with beers that compliment all their flavors.

Be sure to ask if the restaurant or establishment has any Colorado Craft Beer Week specials when you are out in Northern Colorado!

And below is a list of just a few events you can still check out!

3/18/2013-3/24/2013 – Visit Tommy Knocker Brewery for week long specials!  Schedule a free brewery tour and mention Colorado Craft Beer week when you’re there and get $2 off your growler fill!

3/19/2013-3/23/2013 – Visit New Belgium Brewing Company in their Liquid Center while wearing your SOCIAL shirt, share a toast and receive a full size beer of your choice for FREE!

3/21/2013:  Oskar Blues Firkin Night @ Black Bottle Brewing!  Starts at 6pm, Oskar Blues will be tapping a firkin of oSKAr the G’Rauch

3/21/2013:  Road 34 in Fort Collins will be tapping various New Belgium beers including: La Folie, Biere de Garde, Abbey Grand Cru, Clutch, Heavenly Fiejoa and others!  Tapping starts at 7pm and many of these will go quickly!

3/21/2013:  Oskar Blues @ West End Tavern Specialty Tapping Party.  Join Oskar Blues for the tapping of Herradura Barrel Aged Chub, starts at 6pm.

3/22/2013:  Firk-Off @ Cranknstein starting at 8pm!  Join Oskar Blues reps as they tap a special firkin for this Colorado Craft Beer Week.

3/22/2013:  Legends & Rarities Event! This event celebrates the old guard, the behemoths, the forerunners, The Legends. Guests will revel in the glory of 10 breweries. Each brewery will pour two beers: one legend, one rarity.

4/1/2013: High Country Beverage and Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Team Up with Tap n Handle for the Biggest Tap Takeover in Colorado! High Country Beverage, a locally-owned and operated beverage distributor, is teaming up with Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and Tap n Handle, a local beer bar and grill, for the biggest tap takeover at one location to ever hit Colorado.  The tap takeover, which is a celebration of Tap n Handle’s one year anniversary in Fort Collins, will kick off on Monday, April 1, 2013 at 5 pm.