Congrats to our World Beer Cup Winners!

Photos © Brewers Association

Photos © Brewers Association

Last week was a big week for breweries and brewpubs from all over the world, and especially busy for all of them located in Colorado, as the Craft Brewer’s Conference took over the state.

At the same time the World Beer Cup held its judging panel in Denver on April 7th and 8th, and boy did they have their work cut out for them.  Judges, from 31 different countries, sampled and analyzed beers from over 1,400 breweries and brewpubs.  That’s almost 600 more than the last competition in 2012!  A grand total of 4,754 different beers were entered into this year’s competition across 94 different categories.  Needless to say competition was at its toughest this year!

As brewery and brewpub staff swarmed Colorado, taking tours at local spots, attending seminars, and fun filled parties, most also waited anxiously to hear the 2014 winners that were announced on April 11th.  We are excited to share that some of our clients walked away with some hardware!

2014 World Beer Cup Winners:

  • GOLD


  • Shake Chocolate Porter, Boulder Beer Co. (Chocolate Beer, 51 entries)
  • Lagunitas Day Time Ale, Lagunitas Brewing Co. (Session Beer, 40 entries)
  • Coors Light, Coors Brewing Co. (American-Style Lager or Light Lager or Pilsener, 53 entries)
  • Old Style, Pabst Brewing Co. (American-Style Cream Ale, 31 entries)
  • Winterfest, AC Golden Brewing Co. (American-Style Amber Lager, 34 entries)
  • George Killian’s Irish Red, Coors Brewing Co. (Irish-Style Red Ale, 46 entries)




  • Ruthless Rye, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. (Rye Beer, 47 entries)
  • Squeaky  Bike Nut Brown, Moab Brewery (Session Beer, 40 entries)
  • Power Wagon, Big Sky Brewing Co. (Other Strong Beer, 44 entries)
  • Miller Genuine Draft, Miller Brewing Co. (American-Style Lager or Light Lager or Pilsener, 53 entries)
  • Icehouse, Plank Road Brewery (American-Style Cream Ale, 31 entries)
  • Santo, Saint Arnold Brewing Co. (American-Style Dark Lager, 18 entries)




  • Coors Banquet, Coors Brewing Co. (American-Style Lager or Light Lager or Pilsener, 53 entries)
  • Henry Weinhard’s Blue Boar, Blitz-Weinhard Brewing Co. (American-Style Cream Ale, 31 entries)




  • Coors Brewing Co. and Dr. David Ryder


High Country Beverage is proud to represent such an amazing lineup of breweries and brewpubs, and we appreciate all of their hard work, congrats!

GABF: Bringing Home the Hardware

The Great American Beer Festival, or maybe you know it as GABF, took place this past weekend in Denver and many of the local breweries made the trip to show off their latest creations.

The three day festival invites industry professionals from all over the world to sample and judge a panel of beers relying solely on their expertise to award the breweries with medals.  Judges use five separate tasting sessions, each lasting three hours, to taste the beers in a specific category and at the end of the third day unveil the winners of the gold, silver and bronze medals.  These medals are some of most sought after in the industry, bringing great recognition to each brewery that receives the honor.

That being said, hats off to the seven local breweries that participated in the event!  A total of seven medals were brought back to town, six of which were gold.  Funkwerks had the best showing, earning two gold medals, one for Deceit and the other for Saison.  New Belgium brought home some hardware too, gold for their More Fun Blonde and a bronze for their Love Felix, German-Style sour ale.  Downtown brewery Equinox, won gold in the European-Style Dunkel category for their Knight Ryder Munich Dunkel.  CB & Potts and Fort Collins Brewery also came back decorated with gold for their 6X Helles and Bambastic, respectively.

We knew we had some great breweries in town but wow, what a great showing!  Now the task becomes trying to taste all the award winning beers ourselves.  With such a supportive community it’s not hard to find these beers around town that’s for sure.  Places like The Mayor of Old Town, Ace Gillett’s, Choice City Butcher, Elliot’s Martini Bar and Crown Pub house these award winning beers or you can always stop by the breweries to enjoy a beer in their tap rooms.  And we suggest stopping by CB & Potts Clubhouse to fill up a growler of their 6X Helles before it runs out, you won’t regret it.  Again, great job this year at GABF by the Fort Collins breweries!  Can’t wait to see all the hardware we can bring home at next years festival!