New Belgium’s revival and newly released 2015 beers are a must

If you haven’t already, you should check out the latest from one of Fort Collins’ biggest craft breweries. New Belgium recently released two new beers and brought back a fan favorite that have slowly been taking over taps all over northern Colorado.

Chances are good you’ve seen these three on store shelves or tap handles at your favorite watering hole. And if you’ve held off on trying them, you’re really missing out!

Let us introduce to you Portage and Slow Ride, and reintroduce you to Porch Swing.












As winter moves a long the desire for those strong heavy stouts dissipates along with the cold weather. Enter Portage. With aromas of chocolate and nutty almonds, and flavor that is on the slightly sweet side, you’ve now found a beer that helps ease your transition to the lighter beer months.

As the temperatures inevitably rise outdoors those heavy hitting stouts will begin to hibernate to make way for lighter, easy sipping beers like Slow Ride, a session IPA. Recent trends have ABVs (alcohol by volume) falling this year and at 4.5%, Slow Ride is no exception. This tropical IPA is concocted using 8 different hop varieties, perfectly balanced, and created to be extra refreshing.

And if you’re picking up a Folly Pack, you’ll soon find an old friend, Porch Swing, mixed in with your other New Belgium faves. If you haven’t had this one before, you’ll want to find it while it lasts. A single ale, that pours a perfect golden color and has a perfectly light body, is best sipped on while escaping from your daily grind.porchswing_l

Keep your eyes open for these and give them a try when you have a chance, you won’t be mad about it that’s for sure.