Oskar Blues hits 40, States that is

HCB - Oskar Blues Cans

One of our favorites out of Colorado is spreading themselves out a little further.

Oskar Blues, based out of Longmont, CO, is one of the largest breweries in Colorado.  They recently announced plans to add four more states to their distribution territory including Iowa, Nebraska, Maine and Vermont.  With distribution already set up in the Chicago, IL area, they also plan to expand to the southern portion of the state as 2015 gets underway.

This gives them a firm position across two of the major territories, the Midwest and the Northeast, and will bring their total number of distribution states to 40.  Residents of these new territories CAN expect to see Oskar Blues beers hitting shelves and draft systems soon, as the trucks have been loaded and sent on their way.

We’re happy to see that more people will be getting the chance to enjoy a long time local favorite!

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