Try Somethin’ Pumpkin

With the leaves turning colors and the blistering hot days behind us, it surely means that the fall season is well underway.  And it wouldn’t truly feel like fall without any pumpkin beers floating around the store shelves and taking up spots on restaurant and bar tap systems.  But just as quick as they arrive, they disappear, until next year that is.  That’s so far away though so it’s best you get them while they are still around this year.

If you are imagining your first sip to be like taking a bite of your jack-o-lantern remains, you’ve got the wrong impression.  In fact, most are far more interesting in taste than just plain old pumpkin.  The addition of fresh cut pumpkins is a popular choice, while others sometimes opt to use pumpkin puree or just a touch of pumpkin flavoring.  You’ll also find many common fall spices in them like cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.  A generally sweet and malty taste with the spices taking offering up a good portion of the flavor profile make them extremely popular on these cooler fall nights.

Here’s a list of a few we think you might like to try from our friends!

  • Alaskan – Pumpkin Porter
  • Blue Moon – Harvest Pumpkin Ale
  • New Belgium – Pumpkick
  • Saint Arnold – Pumpkinator
  • Tommy Knocker – Small Patch Pumpkin Harvest Ale

Get your pumpkin fix in before it’s too late!

Great American Beer Festival 2013 – Oct. 10th-12th

The week we’ve all been waiting for!  Or at least a good portion of us…

The Great American Beer Festival, better known as GABF, has been around since 1982 and continues to grow in popularity year after year.  With hundreds of different craft breweries from all over the country and thousands of beers, this event is truly a beer lover’s heaven.  Three days and four different tasting sessions, gives hundreds if not thousands of beer enthusiasts the opportunity to taste some of the most creative beers ever created.

While it may be fun and games for some, for the breweries it is serious business, as many are seeking to win the highly coveted GABF medals and wear them proudly.  Judges and beer professionals from all over the world take part in blind tastings to score and rate beers according to their beer-style category.  The professional judging panels award gold, silver and bronze medals to 75 different beer-style categories, who knew there were so many!  Last year Fort Collins breweries were able to bring home some fancy hardware including, earning 7 total medals, 6 of them being gold.

Tickets may be sold out to the event but you can find them listed for sale online if you’re really itching to go.  If the ticket price is a little bit steep or you’ve got prior engagements, there is plenty to do all week outside of the festival walls.  Most breweries have tons of beer dinners and special events planned all week long.  Beer bars, brewpubs and restaurants all over northern Colorado have lots going on as well, including tap takeovers, visits from breweries, and parties.

Best of luck to all of the northern Colorado breweries taking part in this year’s competition!

That being said here is a list of a few breweries and a couple bars below you should check out this week!


  • Black Bottle Brewery
  • Blue Moon
  • Boulder Beer Company
  • Colorado Native
  • New Belgium
  • Oskar Blues
  • Tommy Knocker


  • Choice City Butcher
  • Tap n’ Handle
  • The Mayor of Old Town
  • The Forge Publick House