American Craft Beer Week is upon us!

This year from May 13th to May 19th craft brewers and craft beer lovers will be celebrating American Craft Beer Week!

Beginning in 2006, this event was created to celebrate the hard work that the craft breweries put in throughout the year.  With a mere 124 participating breweries in its inaugural year, this event now reigns supreme, and has over 2,400 large and small craft breweries involved in the celebration.  Breweries all over the nation take this opportunity to share their craft with fellow beer lovers, enlightening their curious followers with facts, details and of course beer.

Fort Collins breweries are no different, although they have come up with a new way to celebrate 2013’s event.  In years past they have come together as one to create a special beer for ACBW and distributed the beer at all of the breweries.  Well, this year they decided to split up into nine different teams, each team comprised of members from 3 different the breweries and allowing each brewery to create their very own Collusion Beer.  Teams started off with 90% of the same malts for each brew and the last 10% of malts, hops, spices, etc were all left up to the imagination of each individual team. In doing so nine very similar, yet very different, beers have been created for this year’s celebration and range from a crisp Kolsch style to a hoppy India Pale Ale.

Today, Monday the 13th, the brewers will converge at Black Bottle Brewery to kick off the week with a toast to their hard work and love of craft beer!  For this night, and this night ONLY, all nine beers will be on tap side by side.  After that, each brewery will only carry their own unique creation throughout the duration of American Craft Beer Week.  Don’t miss out on trying these one of kind craft brews!


Patio Season is almost in full force!

After dealing with freezing temperatures and a couple of late season snow storms over the last few weeks, we’ve almost reached the light at the end of the tunnel.  And that means it’s time to start heading outside to enjoy the great patios all over Fort Collins!

With Groundhog’s Day promising an early Spring we’re sure, like us, you expected to be enjoying the bliss of a beer with lunch or dinner on a patio weeks ago.  And while there were a few scattered days of patio weather, Mother Nature reminded us that she has her own plans for the weather and some groundhog’s shadow can’t predict her mood.  We can’t completely rule out the chance of further winter weather, but it’s apparent that places around town are gearing up for the warm temperatures ahead, pulling out patio furniture out of storage and setting them up outside.

Fort Collins has long list of restaurants and bars with sunny and shady patios if your own just isn’t cutting it.  Who doesn’t love enjoying a Dos Equis or Negra Modelo on The Rio’s back patio?  Or there’s Lucky Joe’s patio located in the heart of Old Town where you can sip on a Coors Light or refreshing Smirnoff Ice while taking in all the events held in The Square.  Maybe all the excitement in The Square isn’t your thing, then head over to Crown Pub, perfect for people watching on College while enjoying New Belgium’s seasonal or one from their Lips of Faith series.  If downtown is too far to venture there are plenty of other options like; The Mayor of Old Town, Black Bottle Brewery, Old Chicago’s or Zquila (on Harmony).

If all else fails, we highly recommend taking some time out of your day to sit down and relax on your very own patio.  Colorado’s summer weather is some of the best in the country and there’s no sense in you letting it all go to waste!