Coors Light Six Pack: First ever cold activated skis and snowboards

Coors Light has teamed up with K2 Sports to bring you cold activated skis and snowboards, plus web episodes including some of the world’s best athletes testing them out on the slopes!

Using the cold activation technology and incorporating it on their specially designed products, K2 and Coors Light put together a six pack of skiers and snowboarders to give them a try.  The team, consisting of Andy Mahre, Zach Crist, Shaun McKay, Ryan Schmies, Tim Eddy and Dan Ray, is traveling all over the place to enjoy some of the best terrain around.  Watch the mountains turn blue, just like the cans, on their preferred means of transportation as they take off down the hills, propelling down the side of cliffs and as they ski at night.

Episode one has already been released and the team spent the day heli-skiing in Lake Tahoe.  Other episodes will include a day at White Wolfe and skiing at night.  Be sure to subscribe to the Coors Light YouTube channel to follow the season as it progresses!

Would you like some cold activated gear to add to your collection?  Well, Coors Light and K2 will be giving customers and fans, of legal drinking age, the chance to win some of the sweet gear at local vendors and through social media sites!  Stop by the Coors Light Facebook page as this promotion gets going to find more details on how to enter to win.  Other items to be given away include backpacks, beanies and koozies.

Gluten free? No problem!

Have you had to cut beer out of your diet due to celiac disease or gluten restrictions?  We have some good news for you!

You’re not alone, approximately 1 in 150 Americans are affected by celiac disease, an autoimmune disease that damages the small intestine and affects the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.   Glycoproteins (gluten) are found in grains such as barley, wheat and rye, and essentially cause the body to attack itself when consumed by a person who has celiac. Limiting or eliminating your intake of gluten is the only way to alleviate the 300 plus symptoms that are associated with the disease.

Now for the news you’ve been waiting for!

Bard’s Original Sorghum Malt Beer is gluten free!  The creators, Craig Belser and Kevin Seplowitz, who are diagnosed with celiac themselves, worked to create this craft beer so that the millions of people who are affected by the disease can enjoy the taste of a refreshing beer again.  As most of you know the beer brewing process generally requires the use of barely or wheat that contains gluten, specifically hordein in barley and gliadin found in wheat.  However, this American Lager style beer contains only sorghum, hops, yeast and water, making it naturally gluten free.

So if you or someone you know has been without beer due to a gluten free diet Bard’s Original Malt Beer is the perfect solution!  Use the locator below or on their website to find Bard’s near you.

A Night Spent Lost in the Woods

A special release party held at the brewery was the first of its kind for New Belgium, Fort Collins’ largest craft brewery, and was a big hit for all of those who attended!

Lost in the Woods, a private ticketed event, showcased New Belgium’s 2013 La Folie Sour Brown Ale and Transatlantique Kriek.  The brewery saw more than 700 guests come through their doors last Friday night.  The buzz had built for weeks and tickets sold out faster than expected so it was no surprise that the line to get in started forming early and stretched clear back out on to Linden Street.  Once the doors opened the line quickly dissipated and guests slapped on a name tag, took their three tokens (each good for one free draft beer of your choice) and set out to see what the Woods had in store.

The Liquid Center was packed, serving the 2013 La Folie and Transatlantique Kriek alongside a variety of other New Belgium beers.  Here people spent their time snacking on tasty appetizers, discussing first thoughts of the new beers, and talking of what might be found in the rest of the brewery.  Taking a walk and sticking to the right you found a dimly lit conference room where brewers like Peter Brouckaert and Eric Salazar, along with other New Belgium staff, explained the processes and techniques used to brew these craft sensations.  Offering tasters of the showcased beers at their different stages in the brewing process allowed enthusiasts to both see and taste the drastic changes it goes through.

After grasping an understanding of what it takes to make these delicious beers, it was time to head to “Cache La Foeder”, the whole reason this event was even possible.  Walking through the “woods” of the enormous cellar that houses 30 plus wood foeders (pronounced foo-ders), you could find various beverage stations serving up the sour beers with more details and facts of the creation process.  Candles and various decorative lights splashed the wooden barrels with bits of light leading you back to a forest of white trees projected up on the walls.  Wondrous sounds of blues, rock and soul came from the back of the cellar where you could find Mama Lenny & The Remedy performing all night.  Getting Lost in the Woods while enjoying live music, good company and dancing around but being ever so careful not to waste a drop of beer, was a perfect way to spend a Friday night.

Needless to say, a good time was had by all.  Job well done New Belgium, we look forward to attending your next event!

If you weren’t able to attend the event and want to try these beers you can use New Belgium’s Libation Locator to find where you can purchase these awesome beers!

Ram Spotlight! Pierce Hornung

Brought to you by Colorado State University Men’s Basketball sponsor – High Country Beverage!

Last night’s performance by Pierce Hornung helped the Colorado State Rams beat the Boise State Broncos and reach their 25th straight home victory, a program best.

Hornung led the Rams in scoring with 23 points and in rebounds with 13, in the 77-57 win over Boise.  Shooting 8 of 11 from the floor, 4 of 9 from the free throw line and 3 of 3 from behind the arc, he was one of the best shooters throughout the game.  Not usually known as the outside shooter for the Rams, he was able to get some open looks last night and took full advantage of his opportunities.  Pierce’s hard work and hustle on every play has paid off and his numbers show it.

Averaging 9.7 rebounds and 10 points per game so far this season is an improvement from his solid numbers last year which are up 8.7 and 8.8 respectively.  Also, Hornung and teammate Colton Iverson are currently No. 1 rebounding duo in the nation, averaging 19.1 rebounds per game.  The effort from Pierce all over the court earned him the Coors Light Spotlight of the game!

Photo courtesy of the Reporter Herald and Steve Stoner