Beginner Beer Education

Have you recently found yourself more curious about the brewing process and what goes into the beer you’re drinking?  Well here is a breakdown of a few of the main ingredients found in beer.

Water makes up almost 95% of every beer, making it one of the most important ingredients in the beer making process.  Next on the list is barley, which is used to generate the necessary sugars to produce alcohol.  Without barley we’d have no beer.  Different flavor profiles can be achieved by the length of time you roast the barley.  Lightly toasted barley gives you a biscuit or cereal flavor, while roasting them for a longer period of time can give you notes of chocolate or coffee.  Barley is the most common grain used but some larger breweries use corn, rice or other grains to save money or achieve different flavors.

Hops are used in the process to add flavor and aroma to your beer.  There are over 50 different types of hops and some beers contain multiple strains to give them their specific flavors.  Scent of pine needles, grapefruit and herbs are often associated with hoppy beers.  Hops also add a bitter taste, helping balance out the sweet flavors.

In the end, yeast is what makes the whole process worth it.  When yeast takes the sugars and turns them into alcohol this is called fermentation, the most important part of the entire process.  There are two main types of yeast, top-fermenting and bottom-fermenting.  Top-fermenting yeast is used in ales, porters, stouts, Altbier, Kolsch, and wheat beers.  And pilsners, Dortmunders, Marzen, Bocks, and American malt liquors commonly use bottom-fermenting yeasts.  Spontaneous fermentation occurs when the beer is exposed to the open air allowing wild yeasts, like Brettanomyces Lambicus, to “infect” the beer which gives it a sour taste.

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Oskar Blues: ColoRADo Brewski Bus

Craft beer, demo skis, music and a party, plus a ride to and from the slopes, sounds great doesn’t it!

Oskar Blues has teamed up with Icelantic Skis, The Infamous Stringdusters and Protect Our Winters, to bring you all of the above.  Icelantic Skis, a Colorado based company, uses local processes to offer quality handcrafted products to their customers and will be providing demo skis for this event.  Half of each ticket purchased will be donated to Protect Our Winters, a global nonprofit striving to fight against climate change that affects winter sports across the world.  And on February 16th, your ticket will include admission into the Fox Theatre for The Infamous Stringduster’s show.

On three different Saturdays over the next three months you have the opportunity to purchase a ticket to enjoy these things while feeling good about helping protect the earth.  The morning of each event starts with a free breakfast burrito as you board the bus and head up to the mountains.  By about 9am you’ll be able to enjoy your pair of demo skis for the day that will be provided by Icelantic Skis.  A complimentary POW Clif Bar will help you fight off your hunger while you are hitting the slopes.  At 3pm you are invited to an Oskar Blues party where their craft beer will be provided free of charge.  Be sure to be around for the Icelantic Ski giveaway which will take place at 4pm.  As the party winds down catch the bus and enjoy another Oskar Blues beer while relaxing on the way down the mountain.

February 16th has a special twist to it, should you choose this date you will be treated to a Hops and Heifers Dinner during the Apres Ski Party taking place that afternoon.  As if that wasn’t already a full day of fun, you receive free admission to The Infamous Stringduster’s concert at the Fox Theatre in Boulder later that evening.

Be sure to look into these awesome events sooner than later, they will be filling up quickly!

Event Dates:

February 16th:  Eldora, Ticket Price $49.99+fee

March 2nd: Breckenridge, Ticket Price $39.99+fee

April 20th: Loveland, Ticket Price $39.99+fee

(Prices DO NOT include lift ticket)

Broncos Playoff Plans

For the second year in a row the Denver Broncos have successfully made it to the NFL Playoffs! After finishing the season 13-3 (10-2 in conference play), they are looking pretty good this year.  Bronco’s fans everywhere are filled with anticipation as the weekend quickly approaches and orange and blue floods the streets.  Riding an 11 game winning streak going into Saturday afternoon’s game there is plenty at stake, so we hope you’ve cleared your schedule to plant yourself in front of a TV to catch the game.

Picture it now, it’s just before 2:30 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, you’re sitting in your living room with your closest Broncos fans (Ravens fans might need to find a place of their own), you’ve made the perfect 7-layer dip, and the wings are in the oven.  Now it’s time to grab an ice cold Coors Banquet or a Miller High Life.  Or maybe for the big game you splurged a bit and picked up something special like Lagunitas or New Belgium’s Heavenly Feijoa (one of their newest beers added to their Lips of Faith Series).  It’s time for kick off and you’ve secured your lucky seat on the couch, now watch as Peyton and Company fight their way to the Super Bowl.

We know there are tons of great places to watch the game at around Northern Colorado, and so does everyone else.  So we suggest getting an early start to your day and heading to your favorite bar or restaurant to make sure you’ve got the best seat in the house.  Places like Steakout Saloon, Trailhead Tavern, Lucky Joe’s and Black Bottle Brewery the good seats will go fast.  Ryan’s and Old Chicago’s have a few more TVs so if you’re running late you might have a better chance of getting a good seat at those places.

One last note, some of those seasonal beers will be leaving us soon so be sure to enjoy them while they last!  Enjoy the game and here’s to a Broncos win!