Beer is GOOD for the Economy!

We’ve been saying it for years and FINALLY people are catching on! Just kidding, but seriously, The Fort Collins Coloradoan reports that Colorado’s craft brewing industry injects $446 million into the state’s economy, according to a study released Tuesday by Colorado Brewers Guild.

Also per the Coloradoan article:

“The University of Colorado Business Research Division compiled the data for the Colorado Brewers Guild, which indicates that as of March, Colorado had 139 licensed craft brewers totaling $101.8 million in income, with a $179.2 million total employment effect. The study cost the guild an estimated $10,000, according to CU.

Nine of those breweries are in Fort Collins, including New Belgium Brewing Co., the largest craft brewer in Colorado and third largest in the country, behind Sierra Nevada and Boston Beer Co.

Fort Collins’ breweries contribute $83.2 million to the Larimer County payroll and support 938 direct jobs, according to a 2011 study by Colorado State University’s Regional Economics Institute and the Beverage Business Institute.”

So the moral of the story is:

Our wonderful love for craft beer is positively impacting our local economy! Pumping money into the economy, increasing job rates and providing quality product to community members.

What we take from the story:

Drink more beer!

Old Chicago World Beer Tours!

If you 1) like beer and 2) like Old Chicago, then there should be no reason that you do not have a World Beer Tour card for Old Chicago- whether you live in Greeley, Fort Collins or Loveland.

What is the World Beer Tour card?

Basically, Old Chicago wants to reward all of you beer lovers and connoisseurs out there with prizes for your beer drinking!

How your World Beer Tour card works:

  • Your electronic World Beer Tour card tracks every beer on your journey, from any Old Chicago location, just be sure to give it to your waitress.
  • Once you’ve tried all 110 beers your tour’s complete. There are also mini tours that are celebrant of the current season (for example, right now there is a Cinco de Mayo mini tour going on to celebrate May coming up- and of course, Mexican beer!)
  • If you finish the tour (the full tour, not the mini tours!) you get your name on the World Beer Tour wall.
  • You will receive prizes along the way- shirts, bottle openers, pizza’s, etc…

Check out the Old Chicago website here,  to register your World Beer Tour card so we can tell you about promotions, special events, add a free medium one-topping pizza to your card the month of your birthday and award your prizes without delay (beginning with your 25th beer, your prizes will be placed on hold until your card is registered). Registering only takes a minute, and providing your name and address or e-mail address is enough.

FOCOMX is Almost Here!

FOCO MX, also known as the Fort Collins Music Experiment, is almost here. Taking place on Friday, April 13, and Saturday, April 14, the Fort Collins Music Experiment will be hitting the bars in Old Town Fort Collins offering up a little taste of local music all weekend long.

There will be tons of local bands playing at venues all over the place including:

  • Aggie Theater
  • Alley Cat Cafe
  • Armadillo
  • Avogadro’s Number
  • Beach House
  • Cheba Hut
  • Crankenstein
  • Choice City Butcher
  • East Coast
  • Elliot’s
  • Equinox
  • Fort Collins Brewery
  • Hodi’s Half Note
  • Old Chicago (Old Town)

And pretty much anywhere you can think of in the Old Town area. For an entire list of Venues and bands- check out FOCOMX’s website here!

Follow us on Facebook to find out where all the hottest beer specials will be, because what’s good music without good beer 🙂 ?