New Years Eve: What’s Your Plan?

It’s the holiday that is said to define your entire year. The first day of the next year of your life!

2012 is almost here, and we want to know what you are doing to celebrate.

Go to NoCo Nightlife on Facebook and tell us what your plans are this New Years Eve and check out our tips for having a wonderful New Years:

  • Spend it with people that you care about! It’s not always quantity, sometimes it is quality.
  • Dress to impress, you always feel good when you look good!
  • Don’t focus on having a good time, just have one! Sometimes focusing so hard on having a good time you can actually ruin your night. Just let it happen and enjoy it!
  • Be responsible- don’t drink too much or you won’t remember your night!
  • Plan ahead! Where are you staying? How are you getting home? Plan ahead and have a DD or cab driver on reserve!

Go to our Facebook page now and tell us your plans!

Be Responsible this Holiday Season

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanza this holidays season, there is one thing that we should all be practicing: responsibility.

It is pretty expected that when you’re hanging out with your family (immediate, extended, in-laws… or out-laws…) that you will probably be drinking some alcoholic beverages (we hope it’s Coors Light!)

We challenge each and every one out there to be responsible this holiday season. NoCo Nightlife sponsor, High Country Beverage, does a great job on their website ( at explaining responsible drinking:

Pulled from the Responsibility portion of the High Country Beverage website:

High Country Beverage’s TAKE CARE® Responsibility Program message is simple: drink responsibly, be safe, call for help, and don’t drink and drive. When alcohol is abused, it can affect others, sometimes in a tragic way. That’s why it’s important to know your limits and encourage others to do the same. And since parents have the most influence on a teen’s decision to drink, we encourage you to talk to your students about underage drinking. HCB cares about Northern Colorado and aims to ensure that the products we distribute are consumed responsibly. Educate yourself today.

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)
BAC Affects On Motor Skills
• At .02 light to moderate drinkers begin to feel some effect.
• At .04 most people begin to feel relaxed.
• At .06 judgment is somewhat impaired. People are less able to make rational decisions about their capabilities.
• At .08 there is a definite impairment of muscle coordination and driving skills. This is an illegal level for intoxication in CO.
• At .12 vomiting usually occurs, unless this level is reached slowly or a person has developed tolerance to alcohol.
• At .15 balance and movement are impaired. This blood-alcohol level means the equivalent of 1/2 pint (8 ounces) of 80 proof spirits is circulating in the blood.

An Example of BAC Levels
The liver eliminates less then one ounce of pure alcohol per hour. If a 150-pound male drank for one hour on an empty stomach, his judgment and ability would be impaired and he would likely have the following BAC levels:

24 oz. beer or 2 oz of 100 proof spirits = .05 BAC = DWAI
48 oz. beer or 4oz. of 100 proof spirits = .10 BAC =Above DUI (.08 is a DUI)
96 oz. beer or 8oz. of 100 proof spirits = .20 BAC

Example only: BAC levels may vary by individual based on certain circumstances (I.E.: size – gender – rate of consumption – strength of drink – drug use – food) Source: TIPS Training Guide